Dear Sir and Madam,
My name is Marina, I am a purchase manager and I represent GC Apteka-95, which is based in Ukraine. GC Apteka-95 has been working for over than 24 years in the market of industrial and laboratory equipment. We are an international trading company which deals mainly with CIS countries, but seek to develop relations with other countries too.
At now our one of our Ukrainian Customer interested in Crimping (closing) Machine. On your website I have found suitable equipment and we suppose that your products will be interest for customers. And we are particularly interested in long term working relations.

Please find URS below:
URS_ 000030759
Automatic Crimping (closing) Machine
Output capacity about 4000 bottles/hour
Size of Bottles is  100-500 ml, if machine could operate with vial 10 ml it will be great, so please indicated its in option.
Type of cap: on the current stage it will be aluminum cap, but in future it will be second cap flip off cap, so possibility to operate with both caps. 
Machine must compline with CFR 21 part 11
- level access
- report
- possibility to create the recipe of bottles
- validation protocols

The layout of the Bottles and cap in the attachment
Please let us know could you cover such demand and share with us the offer

Best Wishes,
Marina Shurmil (Kozyr)

Purchase manager
GC Apteka-95
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